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Training in the 2017 SAN Standard

The 2017 SAN Standard will be binding for audits as of July 1, 2017. The Rainforest Alliance is preparing a range of training tools that support the understanding of this Standard for trainers and farmers. Those materials are complementary to the tools the SAN develops for trainers and auditors of the accredited Certification Bodies and which can be accessed through www.sanstandard2017.ag

We will post around 20 new, interactive, videos on this website in the next few months. These new modules cover key topics in the 2017 SAN Standard, such as native vegetation, well-being of workers and communities, occupational health and safety and soil conservation. The modules will be posted as they become available, in English, Spanish, French and Indonesian.

Download SAN documents:

  1. SAN Sustainable Agriculture Standard 2017
  2. SAN Rules and Policies
  3. SAN Guides

Farmer App

Farmer Training App – A How To Guide

Ongoing Support

The Rainforest Alliance has dedicated contacts – Field Liaisons – in select countries who together with the SAN Accredited Certification Bodies can provide information and training to certificate holders and stakeholders in their region on the 2017 SAN Standard. The Field Liaisons are:

  • Gerardo Medina, based in Peru, supporting several countries in South America, gmedina@ra.org;
  • Anthony Adom, based in Ghana, supporting West Africa, aadom@ra.org;
  • Michael Orang’i Onchabo, based in Kenya, supporting East and Southern Africa, email: morangi@ra.org;
  • Several part-time Rainforest Alliance staff in Central America, and support through consultants in the Philippines, Vietnam, India, China and Indonesia. Contact Katell Mahieu to be introduced kmahieu@ra.org

The Field Liaisons support the roll-out of the 2017 SAN Standard by giving training for trainers, by visiting and training farmers, and by providing diagnostic audits on a limited scale (trainers and farmers are expected to contribute to this initiative by providing transport, lodging and meals); The Field Liaisons can help provide interpretation of specific criteria in the 2017 SAN Standard, and answer general questions. They can also host training through frequent webinars in their region.

The Rainforest Alliance, the SAN and local Certification Bodies will also organize training workshops in several countries. The majority of those will be held from February 2017 onwards.

If you have any questions, please contact Katell Mahieu at kmahieu@ra.org

Stay tuned!

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